Mount Pinatubo | A Flyover

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Mount Pinatubo is an active stratovolcano in the Cabusilan Mountains on the island of Luzon, near the tripoint of the Philippine provinces of Zambales, Tarlac, and Pampanga.

In 1991, the Pinatubo became in a few months one of the most known volcanoes in the world. In that year the Pinatubo erupted violently. More than 700 people were killed. Huge masses of volcanic material flew out of the crater and covered in a few days, the cloud formed a nearly continuous band that stretched 11.000 kilometres from Southeast Asia to Central Africa! (c)

Taking off from Omni Runway, we have to cross overhead Clark International Airport parallel runway and make a spiral climb up to 3,500 FT over Clark Expo, then head to Mt. Pinatubo climbing up to 6500 FT.

Clouds usually form over the mountain, but we have a favorable weather at that moment. We enjoyed the spectacular view inside the cockpit and circled Mount Pinatubo for two times before heading to our next destination Subic International Airport.

 Flying with my Indian Instructor. Who looks like enjoying the view. We can't help but take a selfie.

More than the mountain itself there are lots of breath taking view along the way.

Watch the video:

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