Batanes | Home of the Ivatans

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The Province of Batanes  is the northernmost province of the Philippines and is also the smallest province, both in terms of population and land area. The provincial capital is Basco on Batan Island.

Privilege working on an airline: Free unlimited airline seats (A chance passenger though)

Kapian kamu pa nu Dios! 

Day 1: North Batan Bike Tour

Basco Lighthouse

Vayang Rolling Hills

Valugan Boulder Beach

Hudhud Videoke Bar

LED Screen on videoke

Fundacion Pacita
Most beautiful & Most expensive hotel at Batanes (PHP18000/night)

Preparing for day 2.

DAY 2: Sabtang Island Day Tour

Faluwa Boat Ride. No balance beams. No katigs. Crafted to dance with waves.


Toploading Jeepney

Chamantad Cove & Tinyan Viewpoint

One way street.

The Ahau Arch, at Nakbuang Beach

 Bump into Kris Aquino.

 Chance to meet Skyjet's Founder & CEO.
Dr. Joel Mendoza.

Basketball Never Stops.

Day 3: South Batan Island Bike Tour

The cliff where Jiggs' iTouch has fallen.

Racuh-a-Payaman (Marlboro Country)
New Zealand & Switzerland of the Philippines

Bike. Bike. Bike.

Honesty Coffee Shop

1. Get what you need.
2. Please pay whatever you get.
3. If you have no change, knock at the next door. If no one answers sorry, so you give more than the price. May your tribe increase.

Photo Op with Nanay Elena. Owner of Honesty Coffee Shop

Parking? No problem at Batanes

Mini Trucks loaded at Faluwa Boats

Signages only in Batanes

Blow UR horn Sign. Ivatan's claimed using this shortcut text "UR" before text messaging era.

We're not in Grand Canyon.

Take a dip. Sinkholes?

Wild Horses around.

Batanes Colleagues.

Parenting? They're doing it right.

Push. Approximately 60 degrees slope.

Basco Airport Runway
4 PM Airport is closed for Airplanes & open it for public. You can run, jog & bike.

Mahatao Idjang Boat Shelter Port.

So where to stay at Batanes?

Marfel's Lodge (c)

- Free wifi
- Airport transfer included
- With Mini Honesty Store
- 5 minute walk from airport

Fan Room - PHP350 per person as of April 2014
Contact no. 090889331475 (Filomena Fitero)

Tourist along the way

Photo Op with PAL Cabin & Flight Crew

PR 084

PR 085

Home Sweet Home.

My classmate!

We'll be back for Itbayat Island. Northernmost Inhabited island of the Philippines. Yeah men!

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