On the Observer Seat | C172

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On the Observer Seat

Pilot in Command is my good friend of mine Paul Vincent Tablizo. Flying 4-seater single engine airplane Cessna 172. It's my first time to be a passenger on any flight.

Airborne at Runway 02 of Omni with Clark Airport Parallel runway on our left side.

Above and over clouds, Climbing 7 000 FT passing 4 000 FT.

Clark International Airport Aerial View.

We Fly over Mount Arayat where flying schools practice maneuvers.

Selfies. Selfies. Selfies.

With this small plane, Leg room is wide enough for your legs to relax.

Flying IFR Approach, watch the video of my dear friend landing this plane on Clark Main Runway.

Watch the video:

After that short but memorable flight. Now it's my time to fly.

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