Flight Lesson 2 | Straight & Level Flight

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Straight & Level Flight

Aim: Constant Altitude, Airspeed & Heading.

Weather is inviting.
Weather around 1200H Local time - Visibility is unlimited.

Instructor for the day - Capt. Hossein Javanmardi (Iranian)
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First time to make radio calls unto the tower. And it goes like this - "RP-C8832, Cessna 152 VFR at holding point 02 Omni Ready for departure to any available Charlie areas"

Cleared for take off. Full Power - Plane is too far from the Center line

Manage it to bring it back. By smoothly kicking the rudder to the left.

Gigil Face shortly after take off.

Now I'm doing a straight level flight while headed to Charlie 4 area beside Mt. Arayat.
Rain starts to pour in.

Back to Omni.

SM Clark at my Left

On finals. I didn't do landing.

Airbus Landing. That's how they call Captain Hossein's landing.

Clouds starts to build once again.

Clear Skies again after light showers. Muddy Complex.

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